Eine Frau sitzt am Schreibtisch und bedient einen Computer, auf dem mit einer KI ein Möbel visualisiert wird.

Together with DAISEC experts Julian and Walter, the carpentry workshop Dein Freund is working on the furniture design of the future. Using the text-to-image generator Stable Diffusion, the carpentry shop wants to create an image library with furniture drafts that it can use as a basis for customer advice and furniture design. The AI software is able to transform any text input into photo-realistic images.

Durch die Verwendung einer Design-Skizze in Verbindung mit einer Wortbeschreibung, auch als ‚Prompt‘ bezeichnet, soll die KI in der Lage sein, die Skizze mit Farbe und Details zu vervollständigen. Der Einsatz der generativen KI für das Designen von Möbeln ist jedoch nicht trivial. Hier kommen Julian (KI-Experte) und Walter (Handwerks-Experte) ins Spiel.

User Interface ‚Automatic1111‘

Together with Wilhelm and Anke Freund, the DAISEC experts discussed the carpentry company's ideas and accompanied them during the implementation of AI. This included an introduction to Stable Diffusion, the local installation of the tools needed for image generation (Stable Diffusion, ControlNet and Automatic1111) and the creation of a best practice guide. A detailed description of the practical example can be found here.

With the use of AI for the design creation of their furniture, the carpentry workshop Dein Freund relies on a trend in the trade that guarantees faster work processes and supports the creative work of the furniture designers. Where work is otherwise traditionally done with CAD programmes and on paper, the AI programme brings new perspectives into play and offers new incentives for customers and carpenters alike by adapting designs directly in the sales conversation. Thanks to this digital concept, customers get the furniture they want faster and the joinery can work more efficiently.

Images of a design sketch created with Stable Diffusion

You want to learn more about this use case? Read our detailed description here..

The project in the press: The news site handwerk.com wrote about the carpentry shop Dein Freund and the AI project with DAISEC. Read more.

In this news story:

DAISEC experts

Julian Laue

Walter Pirk


Dein Freund is a modern carpentry workshop based in Wedemark near Hanover. Founded in 1999 by Wilhelm Freund, the award-winning company designs and builds exclusive furniture and handles interior fittings and bathroom design. Part of the company's philosophy is to use digitalisation to increase its own efficiency and to be able to respond to customer wishes in a special way.

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