Product design rethought

Many companies that develop products themselves know how time-consuming the design process can be. AI image generation models such as the Stable Diffusion software offer them the opportunity to design new products more efficiently, adapt existing items and meet individual customer requirements faster and more precisely.

Customized product design in no time with AI

In today's business world, it is essential for many companies to bring new products to market quickly and to fulfill individual customer requests swiftly and effectively. However, the creation and design of products are often time-consuming processes that require both a high degree of creativity and accuracy. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) for image generation, for example with the program  Stable Diffusion opens up new possibilities for making these processes much more efficient.

Watch our video (in German) using the example of a silver ring jewelry design to find out how you can approach a customer's individual product step by step using common image generation functions.

The visual journey of discovery through text input

By entering so-called prompts - i.e. text descriptions of the image to be created that are as precise as possible, sometimes in the form of bullet points - numerous product examples can be created in a short space of time. This approach is particularly helpful for getting to know the design preferences and product wishes of customers: individual words of the prompt can be exchanged according to the customer's product ideas and the generated example can thus be adapted.

One challenge here is to formulate precise prompts that lead to convincing image results. To get off to a promising start, an existing product image can be converted into a text description, which then serves as the starting point for image generation. By adding and adapting the desired product features in the prompt, new yet similar product concepts can be quickly generated visually and iteratively improved.

By entering a text with precise specifications, the image generator creates an almost real-looking product example
Customization of existing products

Another functionality of AI image generation is the ability to modify existing products. Input such as product sketches or photos of existing products can be integrated into the image generation process. In combination with precise text prompts, this functionality can adapt the product features of an existing product without changing its basic structure. This means that individual product adaptations can be carried out efficiently without the design itself having to be laboriously changed "by hand".

Using an existing product photo as an example (golden ring on the left) and a text description of the desired final design, the image generator can create a new design

AI image generation models offer the opportunity to visualize individual customer wishes faster and more precisely, to design new products efficiently and to adapt existing items. At DAISEC, we use a publicly accessible user interface with the Stable DiffusionAI model for the demonstration. The components can be used locally, i.e. on your own PC or server, provided that the technical requirements are met.

In the past, we have already advised SMEs on the use of image generation as a tool for their business, implemented this technology together with craft businesses and provided accompanying handling instructions. You can find an example of this here.

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If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how you can use AI image generation models in your company, we will be happy to help you get started with this pioneering technology.

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