Innovation needs qualified personnel. We therefore offer you a coordinated portfolio of training courses, exchange formats and qualification opportunities in the areas of AI and cyber security. The courses will help you acquire practical skills and abilities that will support you in the implementation of digitalization and innovation projects. The focus is on the production, mobility and skilled trades sectors.

Thanks to funding from the European Union, our services are free of charge.

Training courses

Our practical training courses, or "in-depth training", offer you the opportunity to deal intensively with a specific topic from the fields of AI and cybersecurity. You will acquire valuable skills for the implementation of technologies or the implementation of measures in your own company. Engage in a professional exchange with our experts, e.g. on the topics of AI in production, language models and reinforcement learning, and receive suggestions for implementation in your company.


Our boot camps are in-depth, hands-on trainings with multiple sessions that build on each other.

Through a high level of practical relevance and concrete application examples, you will gain skills for AI and cybersecurity implementation in your company or institution.

Exchange format Roundtable

The Roundtable format is an interactive exchange format between practitioners and participants from companies and public sector institutions.

Get insights into real-world projects and discuss solution approaches in the group and use your new practice-based insights for the implementation of AI projects or cybersecurity measures in your company.

Qualification programs

Our qualification programs are training courses in which you can gain fundamental knowledge from various topics of digitization for companies. You can then build on this with individual, practical in-depth training courses and training modules from our associated partners. In this way, we can offer you a portfolio of measures that is tailored to your company's needs.

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