With around 85,000 businesses, approximately 543,000 employees, 61.2 billion euros in sales and centuries of tradition, the skilled crafts are an important economic factor for the state of Lower Saxony. The importance of the predominantly small-scale craft enterprises stems primarily from their function as suppliers of customer-specific products and services as well as as trainers.

The heterogeneity of the skilled crafts sector with its 130 professions like in construction and finishing trades, motor vehicle, food and health trades and trades for private and commercial needs could hardly be more diverse. Businesses of the skilled crafts benefit from DAISEC's offerings, which are specially tailored to them.

Artificial Intelligence

According to recent surveys, two-thirds of craft enterprises see digitization as an opportunity in principle. Many craft businesses want to strengthen and develop their digital competencies , in which we want to support them.

The use of AI is currently seen as the completion of the digital transformation. However, this technology still needs to be given a practical application for companies. We support craft businesses in building up a better understanding and decision-making competence around AI-based technologies and how to use them in practice. Tools here are, for example, the Maturity level analysis or our Qualification programs.

Information security

The challenges in the area of information security for companies are complex. Numerous businesses in the skilled crafts sector partially overlook dangers and risks for the company. Yet many effective security measures can be implemented quickly and cost little money. Craft enterprises with an emergency concept, aware employees and a professional help in prevention and defense minimize the risks. We support craft enterprises in developing a conceptual understanding and implementing measures for increased cybersecurity.