Participants from the dry cleaning industry gained a comprehensive insight into key aspects of the digitalization of business processes in the "Digital Business Processes" training course on 29 November 2023 as part of the DAISEC Digitalization Manager qualification program (including AI and cyber security) .

The event began with an in-depth discussion of how operational processes can be identified, documented and implemented effectively. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) was used as a key tool here. BPMN diagrams, consisting of graphical elements such as tasks, events, branches and data objects, enable companies to visualize and analyze processes.

In a practice-oriented approach, an example process was created using BPMN software in order to deepen the theoretical knowledge. In the subsequent workshop phase, the participants put what they had learned into practice by systematically mapping their operational issues using BPMN symbolism.

Under the guidance of lecturer Robert Falkenstein, the individual process flow charts were then reflected upon and practical insights were provided. The participants brought in specific topics from the dry cleaning industry, including the purchase of a new telephone system, department changes for trainees, invoice processing for commercial and private customers and the procurement of a new time recording system.

Particular attention was paid to tips and tricks for improving the visualization and readability of the specific processes created with the BPMN software. Thanks to the constructive exchange with the lecturer, the participants were able to apply their acquired knowledge directly in practice.

What were the other parts of this qualification program about? Read it here:

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